Thursday, October 7, 2010

Difficult Decision

I have made the difficult decision to stop designing for the WHOLESALE marketplace. I certainly haven't stopped designing - I am just going to be doing it differently from 1 January 2011.

This isn't going to be a popular decision with some people, and I am certainly not making this decision lightly. However, over the last six months I have watched my market share fall well below a line where I can exist as a designer as I currently operate and due to some very frustrating situations over the last few weeks I have had to make some 'brave new world' decisions to ensure that I am going to benefit from my work into the future.

I will certainly continue to promote my current designs on my TCW website until the end of the year, and if there's a design you have on your wishlist - go to your nearest LNS or ONS and buy it now! These designs will only be available until the end of the year, or sooner if we run out of stock. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the shops, both on-line and bricks and mortar who believed in me enough to include me in their inventory over the years. I wish you all well in these uncertain economic times and hope that if you too need to make brave decisions you do so knowing it's the right thing to do for you.

I have certainly enjoyed my time as a wholesale designer - and made many friends within the industry. I will probably lose friends by making this decision. However, in broadening my horizons I hope that I can be of continued benefit to the needlework world as a whole.

I will keep everyone informed of what I'm up to via this blog - so check back regularly.


  1. Janie, I wholeheartedly support you and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve in the coming new year!!

  2. Janie,
    Your good friends will not leave you. You've made a very difficult decision, as we all must from time to time. Best of luck moving forward!

  3. The very best of luck to you in your exciting new ventures, Janie! Must go check my stash...
    Love, Deb

  4. Congratulations Miss Janie, I know you have thought long and hard about this decision and can only watch on in awe as you move forward in this wonderful new direction.

  5. Yay, Janie! I understand completely and applaud your difficult decision. Here's to the next adventure!

  6. Well, I support you 100% no matter what your decision. Looking forward to seeing how you put a new spin on things!

  7. Wow, wasn't expecting this! Good decision and so glad you've gone this way rather than not designing altogether. All the best, I'm just a phonecall away remember! :)

  8. Bless you all, and thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

    I have spent several days this week discovering and exploring and getting very excited about technology! (Too bad about my day job which is sulking in a corner due to lack of attention LOL)

  9. Janie we will miss your designs, but at least we will still have you.
    that's the most inportant thing. Will look forward to seeing what
    you come up with next. Creative minds don''t just stop creating.

  10. Hi Betsy

    Don't worry - I'm still designing - just not selling into shops as of January 1, 2011 :-)
    There's HEAPS of things just bubbling away under the surface at the moment.

  11. Thankyou for starting a blog so one can keep up with what you have planned for the future. Good luck with this new road you are taking.

  12. Hi Janie,

    As a LNS that was fully supportive of you I am disappointed but then I was when Carriage House went out as well. Thanks for all your lovely designs.


  13. I'll be watching your adventure with a very interested eye! Best of luck and keep us posted!