Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Koala Convention

Good afternoon dear reader

I spent several hours today down at Koala Convention being held at St Catherine's - one of the University of WA's residential colleges.

I wasn't taking any classes - bit too much on my plate at the moment - but spent a happy couple of hours browsing their shop, meeting Robyn from Cascade House personally after several years of just talking on the phone or by email, and meeting and chatting with Wendy and Andrew - the owners and brains behind this wonderful event.

Koala Convention has never been to Perth before. It's always been a Brisbane-based event prior to this year. I do so hope that Wendy and Andrew decide to include Perth as an additional venue for many years to come.

St Catherine's was buzzing with bright-eyed students, enthusiastic tutors and lots and lots of wonderful projects. The shop was full of scrumptious kits, to die for silk threads and ribbons and delicious notions and doo-dads. Everyone was obviously enjoying themselves immensely.

I did do a wee bit of retail therapy at the KC shop - I defy anyone to walk in to such a treasure trove and not buy anything! Some of Robyn's beautiful stranded silk threads and bias cut ribbon have come home to play. I've used her ribbons before in my Peacock Stitching Chair, but not her silk threads. I'm looking forward to seeing how the silk threads work up - I'll keep you posted.

The KC 2011 Brisbane class projects and schedule is already up on their website - take some time to browse and be inspired and perhaps sign up for a class or two.

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  1. I purchased four skeins of the Cascade House silks back when I was in Australia. I will admit that I have yet to use them but love the colors.